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Success Story of Kanak Raju || Biography || Padmashree award

 Success Story of Kanak Raju || Biography || Padmashree award

Success Story of Kanak Raju || Biography || Padmashree award

Kanaka Raju, who has given a new identity around the world by preserving the tribal dance 'Gusadi Nritya', Honored with the 'Padmashree' award.

There are many great people in India who have dedicated their entire lives to preserve Indian art and culture. One of these great people is Kanaka Raju, a resident of Telangana. Who has dedicated his entire life to preserve Indian folk art. Not only this, Kanaka Raju has been teaching Gusadi dance for the last 40 years.

He has trained thousands of youth in Gusadi dance till now. This is the reason that in view of the love and dedication of Kanaka Raju, the Government of India has honored him with the 'Padma Shri', one of the highest honors of the country.

It was not so easy for Kanaka Raju to travel from a small village in Telangana to getting the Padma Shri award. Let's know the inspirational journey of his life. you can read about Anita Pauldurai her honored with the 'Padmashree' award.

Have been learning dance for 40 years

Kanaka Raju, a resident of Marlavai village of Jaipur Mandal in Asifabad district of Telangana, has been teaching Gusadi dance for the last 40 years.

He has so far introduced many youth to this ancient dance of India. Not only this, he has also introduced tribal communities to this dance form.

Kanak Raju, 80, belongs to the Gond tribe. Kanaka Raju undertakes to teach Gusadi dance to the men.

He trains this dance with full enthusiasm even at the age of 80. Everyone is stunned to see his art and dedication.

Train people in just 1 month

Kanaka Raju's art and dedication can be gauged from the fact that he gets completely immersed in it while teaching Gusadi dance.

They train people in Gusadi dance in just 1 month. This is the reason why people also address him as 'Master' along with Kanaka Raju.

Before being awarded the Padma Shri, Kanaka Raju gained recognition when he was called to Delhi with a dance troupe to perform in front of former President APJ Abdul Kalam.

That moment brought a significant change in Kanak Raju's life. He had reached Delhi with his dance troupe of 35 people.

What is Gusadi Dance

Gusadi dance is performed during the Dandari festival which is celebrated for about 20 days (10 days before and 10 days after Deepawali).

The artists wear a headgear known in the Gondi language as "Mal Jaali", which is designed with over 10,000 peacock feathers.

They also adorn themselves with the horns of rams and deer, and cover their bodies with ashes, and wear pearls on their arms, wrapping animal skins around them while doing Gusadi.

The tribal community considers Gusadi to be a very sacred ritual. He worships Gusadi dancers. For these 20 days they neither take a bath nor wash their face. He considers it a sacred act.

Government honored with Padma Shri award

Kanak Raju, who gave a new identity to Gusadi dance, has been honored with the Padma Shri, the country's fourth-highest civilian award, by the Government of India for his dance skills and dedication.

This honor has been given for his contribution in preserving the tradition of Gusadi, a tribal dance form.

However, when the Padma Shri award was announced to Raju, he could understand the meaning of this award. When he came to know that this is a great honor for the country, he was very happy.

Kanak Raju, who has given Gusadi dance a new identity across the world, is truly an inspiration for millions of people today.

He has written his success story on the basis of his hard work and dedication. reallifeinspirationalstories.com sincerely appreciates Kanak Raju's hard work and dedication towards his art.

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