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Success Story Of Anita Pauldurai And Biography

 Success Story Of Anita Pauldurai And Biography

Success Story Of Anita Pauldurai And Biography

Anita Pauldurai, who illuminated the name in India's basketball game since the age of 11, was honored with the Padma Shri.

Apart from cricket and cricketers in India, there are many sports and players who have illuminated the name of India all over the world. Basketball player Anita Pauldurai has done some similar work. Anita Pauldurai has been playing basketball since the age of just 11. He had dreamed of illuminating the name of India at a very young age. This is the reason that at the age of 36, the government has honored him with the Padma Shri, one of the highest honors of the country. Anita Pauldurai started learning the game of basketball at the age of 11. His school's basketball coach N. Sampath worked to identify the hidden talent in Anita and made her capable that she is giving a new identity to the country at the world level today. But it was not so easy for Anita Pauldurai to travel to make India proud by playing basketball. Let us know the inspirational journey of his life.

Started playing basketball since school days

Born on 22 June 1985 in a simple family in Chennai, Anita Pauldurai's inclination towards basketball started while studying in school. Anita reached Madras University to complete her studies. During the same time, his school coach Sampath formed a Rising Star club. Anita started playing for this club. This was his first debut at the local level. Along with playing, she was also continuously studying. He did his MBA from Annamalai University. In 2003, he joined Southern Railway from Sports Quota.

This is how it started at the national level

Anita Pauldurai won many prizes while playing for the club. Meanwhile, the eyes of the National Team Scout fell on him. He liked Anita's quickness and hard work. She was selected in the national team. For Anita, who had dreamed of playing for India since the age of 10, this opportunity was a dream come true. Seeing Anita's passion for the game, in the year 2004, at the age of 19, she was made the captain of the country's national basketball team. Aneet remained the captain of the basketball team for eight consecutive years. Meanwhile, he has won many medals in his name and in the name of the team.

Made a comeback after the birth of the child

Anita Pauldurai got married while playing basketball. After playing the Asia Cup in 2015, she took maternity leave. After which she also gave birth to a child. After becoming the mother of a child, the journey of returning to the sport again was very difficult. But Anita did not give up. He practiced a lot. He believed in himself that everything would be right. He started giving himself an hour a day. She used to work out` daily to keep herself fit. He made a comeback in the year 2017. She became the first player to do so. Till this year, India was put in Division B of basketball. Anita had thought that whatever happens, she will keep returning to India. The final match was against Kazakhstan in Bangalore. If India wins this match then it will move to Division A. India won the match. She played for India from the year 2000 to 2017. In these 18 years, he made many records in his name. Anita is the first Indian player to play the 9th Asian Basketball Confederation (ABC). Not only this, but 30 medals of the National Championship are also in his name. After playing as a player, he was made the assistant coach of India's Under-16 team. Today he is posted as Chief Welfare Inspector in Railways.

Has won many awards including Padma Shri

Anita Pauldurai, who brought laurels to the country in basketball, has won many awards. The Asian Indoor Games were held in Vietnam in the year 2009. In this, he won the silver medal. Not only this, he won the gold medal in the South Asian Games in Sri Lanka. In the year 2012, he had scattered gold in China's Haiyang province, beating everyone. Anita was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Government of Tamil Nadu in the year 2018. Not only this, the Government of India has also awarded Padma Shri, the fourth-highest honor of the country, in view of his brilliant performance in sports.

Anita Pauldurai made her career in a sport that is not much popular. But he has written his success story on the strength of his talent and hard work. Anita Pauldurai, who brought laurels to India in the game of basketball, is truly an inspiration to millions of people today. reallifeinspirationalstories sincerely appreciates Anita Pauldurai's hard work and sportsmanship.

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