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Kim Jong-Un - family, Age, Facts & Biography - Nuclear Program

Kim Jong-Un - family, Age, Facts & Biography - Nuclear Program 

You Must Have Heard This Name and You Must Be Very Curious To Know About Him. He Is Known For Dictatorship And Nuclear Weapons But Everyone Has His/Her Own Story So Let Us Know Some Interesting Things About Him. 

Kim Jong-Un - family, Age, Facts & Biography - Nuclear Program

Who Is Kim Jong-Un?

Kim Jong-un is a dictator of North Korea. His father's name is Kim jong || who had three wives and Kim Jong-un is the son of his third wife whose name was Kim is the son of ko young-hee, and who was an opera singer. It is guessed that he was born in North Korea. 

Where Did He Study?

He was educated at the International School of Bern, the capital city of Switzerland. He could not be influenced by western philosophy so he did his college from 2000 till 2007 from Kim II-Sung National War College that is P'yongyang. 

Where Did He Get Training? 

Kim Jong-Un started participating in the inspection of the military with his father at an early age. It is assumed that he worked with Korean Workers Party and General Political Bureau. 

His Career
2009 a crucial year of his life 
Kim Jong-Un became the successor of his father, he was suggested for the candidate of the Supreme People's Assembly and in April he took the responsibility of chairmanship of National defense commission. Because of his control and performance, he was considered a Brilliant comrade as a result his name was suggested for the head of the state security department, and agency that works for political control and counterintelligence. 
2010: Kim Jong-Un took over the post of four-star general. 
2011; Kim Jong-Un's father, Kim Jong-ill, the Supreme Leader of North Korea who governed from 1994 until 2011, died and Kim Jong-Un became the supreme leader of North Korea. 
2012 One more significant Year
Kim Jong-Un seized many posts. 
Secretary of the KWP
Chairman Of The Central Military Commission
Chairman Of The Highest Bureaucratic Authority "NDC"
Finally, it was 2016 when he became all in all of North Korea, amending the constitution, Kim Jong-Un Had done Much development in different areas such as the national strategy of byungjin, the country's economy, and defense capabilities from 2012 to 2016 though. 

Notorious Actions
Nuclear Weapon
He allowed many nuclear weapon tests. In 2012 he headed a satellite launch that failed just after taking off. In the same year, he succeeded to put a satellite in orbit, a long-range rocket whose intention was to test ballistic missile technology. he did the third underground nuclear test in 2013. He did another fifth underground nuclear test in 2016 despite all-around condemn. He tested once again a medium long-range ballistic missile in 2017. His final test was the Hwasong-15 missile that ranged approximately 2800 miles. After this test he stated, My job is over, I am done with my historic nuclear test.

Execution of relatives and officials

Ust after becoming supreme leader, he executed many reputed and known officials. the top state adviser during the rule of his father, Jang Song-Thaek, His own uncle, was also killed in 2012, and Jang's family members were killed in 2013. 
It was 2017 when Kim's older Half-brother Kim Jong-Nam was poisoned in Malaysia.
He once called US President Donald Trump a stupid guy. 
Finally, it was 2018 when he declared to shut down all his nuclear tests and to work for peace. 

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