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Real life inspirational stories in english || Story of badtime

Real life inspirational stories in english || Story of badtime

Real-life inspirational stories or Real-life motivational stories for students give the students positive energy to replan so the inspirational real-life stories for students should be read to get motivation and one of them, I am sharing with you. the English Teacher is one of the motivational stories in English for students in which you are going to get real humanity and real understanding. 

English Teacher
There was a man named Moral who was a private employee in a very small company though he was originally from a remote village. He was very honest and disciplined. During the lockdown when everybody was under very bad condition and started feeling that they will not be able to live anymore if they remained in the city so had better they leave for their hometown. One of them was the family of Moral. there were three more members in the family except for Moral. they were Moral, his one son, one daughter, and his wife. Because the company was shut down due to an epidemic, Moral got jobless. As he was not from a technical background, he did not get work from home. 

The misfortune was with him. On one side he was under lockdown, on the second side his whole family was badly sick. no hospital was for common people except private hospitals and the private was charging as per its wish. the hospital sucked his whole savings. (to enjoy real-life moral stories or real inspirational stories, keep on visiting reallifeinspirationalstories this page.)

One month passed in this bad condition. after one month Moral had nothing to eat and nothing to feed his family. Because he had self-respect, he could not ask for help. Finding no way, Moral decided to sell his organs so he surfed the net and got some hospitals that were ready to buy organs. the amount he got was not sufficient to survive for a long time so his family decided to leave the city and go back to the native village. Moral wife suggested to leave altogether but Moral rejected saying that if everything gets a little normal, he will start doing any work whatever he gets. 

His family agreed to Moral's decision and they left the city. his family took the help of several people for a short distance but nobody was ready to give help for long-distance as they were themselves very tired and weak without proper food and water. the family of moral walked miles and miles and got unconscious and fell on the ground. Moral children started crying and asked for help. one cart-puller who was passing could not see the cry of the children so he stopped his cart and said to sit down on the cart. the cart puller was very tired yet he managed to pull the cart. (such real-life inspiring stories or inspiring true stories keep alive humanity and students should learn from these.)

The cart puller pushed the cart for three days continuously. Now he had no more energy to pull the cart so he stopped the cart and took little rest. as he was much tired, he fell asleep on the cart and he could not notice anything going on in his surroundings and unfortunately, the cart was hit by a four-wheeler and all four died. when moral got the news, he could not believe it. he found not now his life is useless. how will he live his life? 

Any way to do the last rites of his family Moral left for the place of accident and picked the body. he inquired about the cart puller too. he got to know that cart puller too has two children as moral had. moral went to a cart puller village and did the last ritual of his family and cart puller. moral decided to dedicate his life to cart puller and look after cart puller's children, he did so too. he made the children a reputed officer so that they could not suffer if there were any epidemic. 

The inspiration and moral of the story is to make your life worthy of serving the needy. such inspiring true-life stories or inspirational real-life stories give the message to the students that they should never give up on and beautiful life, giving meaning to it. 

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