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Vision is essential for Success || Motivational stories for student

Vision is essential for Success || Motivational stories for student

Vision is essential for Success 

There was a boy named Imamy who belonged to a backward village. his family was also very backward. the whole society did not know the value of education. but Imam was different from society. he was an innocent, hardworking, and emotional boy.

he did not have the moral and financial support of others, although he had an iron-will and strong determination. because he wanted to study and to become different from society, he planned to move to Delhi for education. 

Imam started his career as a common worker. he did a small job after that he started working in a call center side by side he continued his study that was very tough because of lack of money and resources but Imamy was stubborn for his study so he did not give up. Because Imam was from a backward family, he did not have modern cunningness. because of a lack of cleverness, he had to suffer a lot. he struggled everywhere to survive.

Anyway, Imam managed to adjust. after a few months, someone suggests to Imam to join some skills-related courses and Imam found the suggestion beneficial so he took admission. it was a great chance for him and his career. he started attending the classes at oxford, a house of English language, where he met an energetic, supportive, and warm-hearted teacher. His teaching styles were outstanding. 

Imam did not understand things easily although the teacher tried his level best and after a few classes, Imam improved a lot and became confident but due to financial crunch, he had to leave his course in the middle. 

Now, at this turning point of his life, Imam re-determined and put the effort to achieve the goal. Imam decided to change his job so he started finding it. As he did not have the skills to meet. the requirement of the current job, he joined an N.G.O. but his desire for higher education did not get down. He continued to study with a job. 

Finally, Imam decided to become a teacher. because he got to know that learning is east through teaching. 

In the beginning, Imam was under so much stress. even none was to help him and guide him. he was completely in dark. Anyhow, he managed in his first institute for a year and acquire some information about English. After that, he got another opportunity in a reputed and renowned institute. Now things got a little changed but it did last long. 

He did quit jobs once again. the worst part was, he did not get an even salary. it had become hard to survive in this condition. but he did not give up. 

he put again a lot of effort into teaching and brushed up himself. after a lot of pain, finally, he became a fine teacher. he got the job at the same place where started learning and it was an achievement

Motivational Thought of the day: Determination leads to success. 

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