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The consequence of anger is always bad || A story of family

The consequence of anger is always bad || A story of family

The consequence of anger is always bad

This is a real-life true family story and moral stories. 
There was a person named Hari who was living in a small village with his younger sister named Reshma and the youngest brother named Dev. He had only three members in his family and it was his world. his parents passed away in his childhood. All the responsibilities of the family came on his shoulder and Hari performed his responsibility nicely. 

Hari took care of his sister and brother like daughter and son. he gave good education to his sister and married her in a reputed family. 
Hari sacrificed his whole life for his youngest brother. Once Dev was seriously ill and there was not any good hospital in his village then Hari carried his brother on his shoulder and rushed towards town. His younger brother's kidney was failed at that time in that case Hari donated his kidney. 
 Hari was only 9th passed but he sent his brother to a big city for higher education and got completed his engineering from a reputed college. 

Hari used to work in the field and did some common work. He sometimes did not take food on time and remained on an empty stomach. Everything was good. Even hari sent his younger brother for a master's degree from the reputed university. 

Time passed, Dev completed his master's degree. Everything was going well. now Dev wanted to get married and he told his elder brother that he is in love with a girl. He loved a girl who was his classmate during engineering. Hari supported Dey's marriage and got married. Now things started to change. Dev and his wife used to live in a city. he was working in a reputed company and was earning a handsome salary. after a few months of his marriage, he stopped sending money to his elder brother Hari. 

The consequence of anger is always bad || A story of family

Dev started telling a lie that he is not able to save money. After a couple of months, Dev took an apartment telling his brother that he has taken a heavy loan and he needs money to pay it. dev told his elder brother that he wants his share of his paternal apartment which is located in his village. 
After listening to it Hari was quite disappointed and fell ill all of sudden though he approached to an advocate for legal advice

Hari shared everything with the advocate and wanted to stay the order in his apartment. The lawyer advised him to revisit after four days. Hari went to the lawyer after four days in the same manner. Hari's anger was on the seventh sky. the advocate made him relaxed and told that I could make you return your apartment and even I can help you out to get the share in your younger brother's apartment. 
But, tell me one thing, will you be able to get back your kidney that you sacrificed for your brother. 

Hari replied no then the lawyer suggested to forget and everything; whatever you have done for your brother. 
Hari thought about why he is taking revenge. It should be left for God. 
If Dev has done wrong, he will suffer because god never does injustice with the innocent. Heri realized that it is over-reaction that should not be done as blood is thicker than water.  

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