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Motivational stories for students || English story || Moral stories

Motivational stories for students || English story || Moral stories

Bad decision in bad anger

This is an easy English story and one of the inspirational stories for students. in everyday life, we take a lot of wrong decisions just because of uncontrolled anger and students do so more than the adults do thus to motivate or to inspire, the students need real-life motivational stories.

This is an inspirational story or a motivational story about 16 years old boy named fly. Fly was Fly's mother lost mental balance after the death of fly's father. after this incident, he had none to help so he started begging at the age of seven. he begged for 5 years. while begging, he realized the value of education so he restarted his study from the beginning through charitable school but bad luck was with him here too. the other children made fun of him, saying that a beggar wants to study at this age. 

Fly felt bad but he did not have any answer for such comments so he decided to do a job. he visited a nearby area and got a job as a peon in an office. (This small in English suggests that we should look at the future instead of crying in present.)

Fly started working hard in the office. he cleaned the floors. he dusted the walls. he served water food to every staff. he brought water for everyone but he did not lose hope of study. whatever time he left with, he studied with the help of the office. (Such inspiring stories advise that we should never leave study for luck whatsoever the situation is)

Fly was very in the office. he was earning as well as he was learning. Now, he had a lot of dreams. he wanted to become a very rich and reputed person in his life. He worked for it too. One day, one mishap took place. When he was offering tea to one of the staff, the tea fell on the staff. the staff got very angry and he gave fly a tight slap. Fly could not tolerate it. he got so angry that he broke the glasses, throwing the tea plate. 

This was not tolerable behavior so the head of the department fired him. Fly was also in a bad mood so he quit. Even he started begging. he also left the study. he began living old life and got busy begging and living with the beggars. 

One year had passed. One day, the same staff was passing through the area where fly begged. Fly could not notice and spread hand before him. 

The same staff offered him money by the time the staff had recognized him. 
He made fly understand and showed a comparison of life between begging and doing a job. The staff said a very life-changing sentence. you are abused here every time and you are slapped once in a blue moon. 
You decide what you want, an embarrassing life or beautiful days. 
Fly had realized his mistake and felt guilty. Till then he had already lost his one precious year. (best motivational stories or best inspirational stories teach us that we must think before making any decision.)
anyway, Fly decided to restart his life with a job and study.
Motivational Thought of the day:
"your anger is an obstacle to your success so a decision should be taken with patience"

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