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Misdeed returns sooner or later || helping others || moral stories

Misdeed returns sooner or later || helping others || moral stories

Misdeed returns sooner or later

This inspirational story and simple English story is based on daily life. we need daily motivation or motivational thoughts to change the mood, thought, and behavior. so let us read an inspirational story

There was a man named Dumroo. he was a small businessman but he was a very cool and helpful man at the same time he was very religious too. he believed in all religions and said, god is god, it can't your god, my god, or their god. People also said to him, don't sermonize a motivational story every day

By the way, Dumroo never cared what others said. One day Dumroo was riding for his relatives. it was quite far from his house. It took four to five hours to reach the relative house so he used to half after each one hour. he took something to eat and to drink side by side he used to carry so that he could serve the needy. (Note: This English story suggests, if you have the capacity, do charity) 

Even Dumroo used to give lift whoever asked for it. After riding for two Kilometers, one very thin man was lying on the road. Dumroo stopped the bike and reached that man. Dumroo lifted him and asked, how may I help you?

The man asked for water. By the time Dumroo was taking out the water, the man took out a dagger and hid behind his towel. Dumroo took out a water bottle and offered him. After drinking water, the man took out a dagger and ordered, take out your wallet. Dumroo took out and gave the man got up and rode the bike. but Dumroo was not disappointed instead he was very happy. he thanked God and said, god, you have forgiven me, taking the bike. now my life will be peaceful

As Dumroo decided to return, he heard a loud bang. he got to know, he rushed toward the loud band. Although it was a little far, he reached there, somehow. he saw that the man who snatched the bike met with an accident and it was bleeding badly from his head, hands, and legs. 
Dumroo picked him on his shoulder and dropped him in the hospital. 
(Note: this simple English story for beginners suggests, don't lose humanity. God is there to punish.)

He took care of the man for one month. finally, the man recovered and got well. 
After complete recovery, the man held Dumroo's legs and said, forgive me, I promise, I will never do such bad things again. even I will be your servant for the whole life. whatever you will say, I will do but I will not leave you. 

Dumroo said, okay. if you are ready to leave all your bad habits, I will allow you to accompany me. The man became a truly religious person and started serving the needy in his free time. 

Moral: "light is powerful than dark". 

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Thank you so much for your patience. 

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