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Blood is thicker than water || moral stories for student

Blood is thincker than water || moral stories for student

The teacher never thinks bad for the student

This is real life true inspirational and motivational story
There was a boy named Roshy. he was very mischievous at the same time he was very promising too. 
Because he was a student and lived in a hostel so he had to face a lot of restrictions. being a student, he wanted and to enjoy a free life. he wanted to go out to chill. 

Generally, he fled away jumping the walls. although the walls were very high, Roshy used to use ladders to climb and jump over. 

One of his teachers knew everything. During class time, the teacher advised Roshy indirectly that outing is a good habit, and outing in dark is a bad habit. a mishap can take place. Roshy took the advice lightly and thought that the teacher just wants to impose the order. the teacher does not know the feeling of students that is why he thinks that going out is bad. 

Many times Roshy disturbed the teacher. he sometimes stole the markers. he usually hid the dusters. he generally tore the page of the attendance sheet. 

The teacher had an idea about all these but he did not scold Roshy directly. 
The teacher used to guide, saying that this is the age to study. 
But Roshy never cared about it and did whatever he liked. 
One day when Roshy was climbing the ladder, the teacher reached to him. 
As he saw the teacher, he got slipped but the teacher held the ladder in time and saved Roshy from falling. 

The teacher said to Roshy, you are a promising boy. you should not adopt this way. Whatever mishap takes place, you will regret the whole life. 

Roshy did say anything in reply. 
The teacher arranged the ladder once again and allowed to go this time but for the next time, the teacher suggested to be aware of it. 

This time Roshy did not go but returned to the hostel room. 
After a few days, Roshy started doing the same thing. he would fix the ladder and jump over the wall. 
One day, he slipped off the ladder and broke his leg. 
That time nobody was there to help him. 

The same teacher saw him while walking. The teacher picked him and took him to the hospital. 
The teacher looked after Roshy. When Roshy got healed, the teacher said that, just because of your bad habit, you had to lose three months in treatment and you got your leg damaged permanently. 
I knew that you love outside.

Blood is thicker than water || moral stories for student

Discipline makes the human a good human

He realized it and out finally left everything. One day, he became the most prominent doctor of the town just because of the discipline

Motivational Thought of the day: Luck and work together work.

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